Fruits and Vegetables High in Folic Acid

Folic acid and folate known as  marketed  as the same, but their metabolic effects can be quite different.  Folic acid is the synthetic form of the vitamin, found in supplements.  Folate is a natural form of vitamin B9 found in some foods.
It’s important to get adequate amounts of folic acid or folate, because it has a major role in cellular growth and regeneration.  Eating adequate amount of folic acid or folate prevents  anemia, Alzheimer’s disease, some types of cancer and child defects.
Folate or Folic Acid is available in many popular fruits and vegetables. Many fruits contain folic acid, but citrus fruits rank the highest. Here are the list of fruits and vegetables which high in folate.
Asparagus contains 268 mcg per cup
Beets contain 136 mcg per cup
Broccoli contains 104 mcg per cup
Cauli Flower contains 55 mcg per cup
Celery contains 34 mcg per cup
Collard Greens contain 177 mcg per cup
Corn contains 76 mcg per cup
Garbanzo beans contain 282 mcg per cup
Lentils contain 358 mcg per cup
Orange contains 74.4 mcg per cup
Papaya contains 53 mcg per cup
Pinto beans contain 294 mcg per cup
Spinach contains 263 mcg per cup
Squash contains 20 mcg per cup