You could be slowing down your metabolism without realizing it.

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Skipping breakfast
Starting the day right is key to revving up your metabolism and keeping you energized throughout the morning. Turns out waking up and not putting any fuel in your engine is one of the most damaging and common mistakes. A nutrient rich breakfast will also prevent you from reaching for unhealthier alternatives when your stomach starts to rumble.

Yo-yo dieting
Experts warns that slashing your calories and yo-yo dieting can impact your metabolism, as well as your health, long term, g that weight loss and body maintenance is better addressed by introducing changes that focus on food choice as well as eating habits and behaviors. It’s not just cutting out breakfast that’s a problem your overall food intake has an impact too.

Not drinking enough water
Experts says that drinking two liters of water a day will work wonders for your metabolism. If you struggle to consume enough, try marking times on your water bottle for a little extra encouragement and guidance. This will not only keep your metabolism on track but will help to clear your skin too.

Choosing the wrong hot drinks
Drinking too many caffeinated drinks can become unhealthy, especially if you’re opting for caramel lattes or other hot drinks high in sugar. Drinking green tea was good for your health aside from being filled with antioxidants it also contains an active ingredient, catechin, which has been found to speed up metabolism.

Sleeping badly
Many experts believe that a lack of sleep leaves us prone to gaining weight, and whilst it’s not as simple as sleeping all day being a fast track to skipping a dress size, there does seem to be a correlation between a solid slumber and a healthy metabolism.

Sitting down all day

Office jobs don’t give you much of a choice, we know, but a British study found that standing up at work could help to boost your metabolic rate, meaning you can burn up to 50 calories an hour more than sitting.

Getting stuck in a rut when you do work out
Whether you’re a cardio fanatic or a yoga queen, doing the same exercise week in week out means your body gets used to the activity and can result in fewer calories being burned. Experts recommend high intensity interval training or HIIT as a great way to mix things up and get you burning calories at a rapid rate. ‘HIIT is thought to be one of the most effective methods of improving fitness, building muscle and burning fat, and the more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate tends to be.

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