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The most important thing on a nutritional label according to expert

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Calories are the most readable words written in a nutritional label, but calories don’t tell the whole story. According to Nichola Whitehead, a registered dietitian who says the most important thing to look for on a nutritional label is not the calories but rather the ingredients. It’s what you put into your body that counts. Calories don’t summarize how healthy something might be, or how beneficial to your body, whether it contains the vitamins and minerals for your body. The guidance can be applied to whole meals as well as processed food. If a food scores high on a glycemic index that measures your blood-sugar levels, foods like processed cereals, white bread, and white rice will give you a rapid amount of sugar but you’re going to feel hungry afterwards. This where ingredients play a role key in sizing up the content of what you’re eating . it’s what kind of foods you eat that matters when it comes to how health your body can be, how satiated you’re feeling, and how much energy you’ve got


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