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Marinating is a process of immersing food, most of the time meat, in a flavorful liquid before cooking it.  During the Renaissance period, marinating is used to preserve foods but nowadays, it makes food more delicious.

Here are some ways to improve your skills in marinating and for people to enjoy your food more.

  • Marinades are important in the kitchen so make sure that you have them – acid, fat and flavorings. Acids can be found in citrus fruits like pineapple as well as in vinegar, acidic dairy products like yogurt and buttermilk. It is the main thing that


    the meat. Fat also plays an important role


    retaining moisture during cooking. Try several oils like olive,


    and walnut or you can also flavorless oils like grape seed, sunflower seed and vegetable oil.


    , flavorings


    needed to create a marinade. These flavorings can be fresh or dried herbs, spices, soy sauce, sugar,


    , ginger and vegetables like onion and garlic.

  • Small or thin cuts of meat are generally great candidates for marinating.

  • Make sure that you’ll be adding enough marinades to the meat. Too little marinades will not give any flavor to it while too


    marinades might drown the meat.

  • Also, avoid food poisoning by just letting your meat be marinated in any corners of your house. Make sure that you let the meat be marinated in the refrigerator to avoid any bacteria to be formed in the meat. Another thing that will cause poison in your food during marinating is when you use a metal as a container. The acid will surely react with it that might cause harm to your health.

  • Meat can be marinated overnight or up to two days. But if marinades have acids, salt or alcohol, it can only last for 30 minutes to not more than 4 hours. Whole those marinades that have citrus juice should marinate from 30 to 90 minutes only.

Now, you are ready to marinate your meats at home perfectly!


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