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Safety Tips for Dining Out

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It’s fun to take a break from cooking, but it’s still important to be cautious when it comes to dining out. Follow these safety tips to make sure you don’t bring a case of food poisoning home with you:


  • Choose a place that looks clean. Even without seeing into the kitchen, you can tell about the cleanliness of a restaurant.  Check if they have clean tables, dish ware, dining utensils, restrooms, and all around the place.

  • Check their sanitation certificate.

  • If foods are not cooked properly, don’t hesitate to send it back.

  • Be careful eating raw meat, poultry, eggs and seafood. These raw foods may carry bacteria and parasites that may cause food poisoning,

  • If you or someone you are with has a food allergy, double-check the ingredients in menu items.

  • Be cautious about buffets. Sometimes, the foods in buffets sit out for a while and are not kept at the proper temperature.

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