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How To Debone A Whole Chicken

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Debone a chicken but keep it intact for cooking.


You’ll Need:

Disposable kitchen gloves (optional)
Sharp thin-bladed boning knife
Cutting board



Put the chicken on a cutting board,facing upwards with the backbone. Run the tip of a knife down the backbone, from neck to tail. Pull back the skin alongside the chicken’s neck, and cut through it, then draw the knife along the ribs to the leg.

Repeat the step 1 on the other side of the chicken’s backbone. You can rotate the chicken to cut it in a comfortable direction. When you’re finished, the chicken’s legs and wings should hang freely from the body and its ribs mostly bared.

Follow the line of the chicken’s ribs with the tip of the knife, until you reach the breast bone. Turn the knife to follow the bone, freeing the breast meat from the ribs. As you reach the area where the bone is closest to the skin, be careful to cut it, or else, you’ll pierce the skin and spoil the appearance.
Rotate the bird 180 degrees, and repeat the same cutting from the other side.  Cut carefully with the knife blade, freeing the chicken from the main portion of the skeleton. Set this aside.
Locate the hip joint at the exposed end of one thigh and cut around it to free the rounded part of bone and cartilage. Run the knife down the line of the thigh bone where it’s close to the surface, then slice along the bone to free the thigh meat from it on all sides. Sever the knee joint and cut around the other end of the thigh bone, then pull it out. Repeat this process on the other thigh.
Cut around the other half of the knee joint, where the drumstick bone begins. Cut the skin at the drumstick’s ankle end along with the bone. Do the same for the other side drumstick, then move to the front of the bird and cut away the wing’s flat joint and pointed wingtip. Cut around the end joint and trim the meat away from the bone, just like what you did on the leg bones.


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