The Health Benefits of Pili Nuts

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Pili (Canarium Ovatum) is a species of tropical tree, usually grows up to 20 meters.   They are very comfortable in the central Philippines with its compatible fertile and well-drained soil, warm temperature, and well distributed rainfall.  Pili nuts are similar in appearance to peanuts.

 According to experts, pili nuts are a good source of heart healthy omega fatty acids, which helps to improve blood circulation, play an important role in brain function and may aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Pili nuts actually contain the highest magnesium content of any nut. Magnesium helps support healthy nerves, muscles and bones, and treats the symptoms of insomnia.

The richest source of Vitamin E among all nuts. Vitamin E supports healthy skin and hair quality, immune function, and activates antioxidants. Vitamin E also protects your body against cholesterol sediments, thus helping prevent cardiovascular and thrombotic diseases.

Pili nuts contain Vitamin B9 or Folic acid.  This property helps prevent and even care tongue inflammation or glossitis.

There’s a reason pili nuts are called as the world’s healthiest nuts.  It is because they contain all the 8 essential amino acids (externally sourced protein), which have been found to support healthy blood sugar levels, development of body tissues, hormone production, energy regulation, liver detoxification, and perform many other body function.


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